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Our digital marketing products and expertise have helped local, national and international businesses over the last 25 years.

Digital marketing tools

We have a suite of digital marketing tools that we’ve built and developed in house. As we've built these tools ourselves, they can easily be adapted and customised to suit any particular needs of our clients.

Our portfolio includes:

  • online survey and focus group tools
  • an e-learning platform
  • a range of tools for e-brochures
  • software for circulating press releases/publicity material

MDCCase study

Client: Management Development Centre

The Brief

MDC had accumulated data from potential masters students who had made serious enquiries about enrolling on one of their programmes. They wanted to find out what had affected their decision and meant that they hadn’t applied.

The Solution

E-surveys – one of DA Group’s toolkit of digital marketing tools allowed MDC to create and send an email survey quickly and easily to their database. They were able to use a combination of multiple choice and open questions to work out which variables affected the decisions of the individuals. Everyone who responded was given the chance to win one of 3 x £50 Amazon vouchers.

The Results

When the completed surveys were analysed, results showed the individual responses and MDC were able to re-connect with each person and personalise a response. For example, if the factor affecting their decision was current financial situation (rather than being perceived as too expensive or not worth the price) then MDC could offer them a flexible payment plan or send other useful information regarding obtaining finance. The results also highlighted that some issues which were common to many responders could be resolved by altering the website copy to explain things more clearly.

"Dealing with our clients on a daily basis, we can often think we know their reasons for making certain choices. The survey took the subjective opinion away and gave us a unique way of getting honest answers. It was like having a new pair of eyes look at the business." Frances Luther, Education Programmes Manager